Why Is Surat famous in India?


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  • Jul 21, 2020

Why Is Surat famous in India?

Surat is famous and known as the diamond city of the world. Surat is a center for diamond cutting and polishing. It is known as a diamond city because 90 percent of the world’s diamonds are polished in this city. Surat is also famous for its silk fabric and cotton mills.

Rather than all of these, it is also famous for its delicious Gujarati food, religious places, and beaches. If you are fond of eating, stuff to buy and fun places to visit then this is just the list you need.

1. Diamond and Gold Jewellery-

A basic point. Surat is famous for its diamond industry. The people of Surat occupy in the mastering the art of cutting and polishing of diamonds. You can get so many gold shops selling diamonds or jewelry as you pass by the streets of Surat. Some of the famous shops from where you can buy such as Ratnasagar Jewelers, Charu Jewels, Hira Panna Shopping Mall, Diam Jewels, and Hardeep Jewelers.


2. Cleanliness-

Surat is one of the cleanest cities in India. While a couple of decades back, the city of Surat was incredibly messy, this started to change after the city was struck by plague in the mid-nineties. The civil magistrate of the time, SR Rao, acquainted a few stages with the guarantee that the city was kept clean.


3. Unique Street Food-

Gujarati food is profoundly underestimated. From Locho to Khamani to Ponk Vadas and Fafda, there are a few heavenly road food things. Also, the Gujaratis of Surat do get a kick out of the chance to take off late into the night for a decent tidbit. A portion of our preferred spots to go are Gopal Locho Khaman House, Madhi Ni Khamni, and Lashkari (on Dumas Beach). While not accessible in the city, another must-attempt while here is Undhiyu, a dish made utilizing, at any rate, eight vegetables.


4. Beautiful Silk Sarees-

Surat is known as the material city of Gujarat. Shopping is never finished without purchasing a silk saree in Surat. They offer great quality, finely created, and various assortments of ability sarees, for example, Kinkhab, Gajee and Tanchoi. The city has both private and government emporiums. Surat is likewise acclaimed zari fabricating in the nation. Also, certainly shop pieces of clothing with the weaving work of Salma, kinari, and zari.


5. Handicrafts-

Surat is famous for its art and handicrafts. Surat offers various types and varieties of handmade arts and crafts which have their own taste or style. You can enjoy a large collection of wooden, tiny, ivory, and many other types of handicrafts available for sale. All the wooden arts crafts available at a reasonable price, Government Emporium is one of the places to visit. For antiques or decorative items, Shanivari Market besides Makai Pul is one of the largest flea markets.


6. Sandy Beaches-

The seashores are a famous spot for local people to home base consistently of the day. While Surat has a few seashores, its Dumas, Dandi, and Suvali seashores are generally celebrated. The Dumas seashore has dark sand and is, subsequently, called a spooky seashore (however it was likewise generally used to incinerate the dead). Dandi Beach, you may review, as the spot Mahatma Gandhi and his supporters started their walk for the opportunity.


7. Sardar Patel Museum-

Known as the Sardar Sangralaya, this historical center was set up in 1889. The exhibition hall has a blend of rich history and culture of Surat. On the off chance that you are keen on Indian history this spot ought to be on your pail list. It likewise remains as a commemoration to the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhai Patel. The historical center is open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm and stays shut on Mondays.


8. The Dutch Garden-

The Dutch Garden or the Dutch burial ground is situated in Nanpura and is a mainstream fascination of Surat. Other than being the excellence it is, this nursery has recorded criticalness, as well. The very much arranged and all around kept up European style garden is an invigorating escape from city life. The Dutch Garden is additionally the resting spot of certain English and Dutch adventurers who landed and settled in Surat.



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