List of Popular Markets for shopping in Surat


  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Mar 11, 2021

List of Popular Markets for shopping in Surat

Surat is a hub and commercial den for textiles. Some of the top textile industries originate from Surat in India. One cannot have less money in the wallet and plan shopping in Surat. The city witnesses an amazing tourist crowd and the shopping centers are usually packed with residents and tourists.

If this is your first visit to Surat and you don’t know how to begin shopping, you have landed the right page. We have a list of top shopping spaces in Surat to spend time and fill the shopping bag.

List of Popular Markets for shopping in Surat:


1. Sahara Darwaja:

Sahara Darwaja is a prominent market in Surat popularly known for sarees, suits, traditional clothing, and other fabrics. The market is usually crowded so take ample time to explore patiently.


2. Universal Textile Martet:

The market is the main base for retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers. You get ample to choose from the varieties. Everything is available at affordable rates so fill up your wallet to shop more!


3. Shanivari Market:

Shanivar Market is a place for tourists! You get to shop vivid varieties of clothes, gift articles, antiques, artifacts, and souvenirs. Some of the fabrics to shop for are cotton, georgette, linen, and chiffon.


4. Old Bombay Market:

The Old Bombay market is one of the major hubs for sarees in the city. Women cannot resist shopping here so raise your spirit to shop exclusively. It is an amazing place to shop for wedding clothes and jewelry too.


5. Chauta Bazaar:

From imitation jewelry to cosmetics and from groceries to sweets, buy just anything from the Chauta Bazaar. It is one of the oldest markets in the city.


6. Baroda Prestige:

You can shop from a wide range of gorgeous artificial jewelry from the Baroda Prestige market. The market looks glittery and shiny due to the beautiful jewelry hanging around.


7. SMC Night Bazaar Foot Court:

Foodies and shopaholics can halt at the SMC Night Bazaar. It is the place to shop, explore, and eat all day long! Don’t blame us if you put on by eating relentlessly from the delicious options.


8. Rander Road:

Rander Road is one place to shop for designer outfits. It is a hub for the brand and personality conscious. You get to choose between exclusive designs and designer wear. Go, try yourself.


9. Dumas Road:

Dumas Road is one of the most preferred shopping places in Surat. It is also a hub for various known malls. Some of the best malls on Dumas Road are Iscon Mall, VR Mall, Central Mall, Imperial Square Mall, etc…


10. Ghod Dod Road:

Ghod Dod Road has everything that one can look for from regular to branded outfits. The place also gives you good malls like Rangila Park, Chocolate Mall, Jolly Arcade, and more… You can shop and dine at various restaurants that are known for serving delicious food.

Which place are you planning to begin from? We hope you enjoy a great time in Surat.


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