Why Mangalore is famous in India?


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  • Jul 31, 2020

Why Mangalore is famous in India?

Mangalore is known as a coastal beauty, you get a natural beauty when you visit this beautiful place. You can enjoy the beauty of Mangalore that is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and beckons the most difficult traveler into its easy arms. An energetic destination that fills your day with a lot of enjoyment, Mangalore enhances the travelers from the perils of being in a larger city, and quietly lets your feet seep into its wet sands on the coast. When the monsoon season starts to form in India, Mangalore started sharing its rains, so monsoon could be a romantic time to visit Mangalore. On the other hand, winter also proves to be a charming season, with temperatures ranging from 17 to 34 degrees Celsius.

1. Parambur Beach-

With natural beauty, Parambur Beach situated near the Arabian Sea and is known for its beautiful sunsets. Here, at Parambur Beach, some activities such as water park activities available for visitors, which consist of jet skiing, and boating among others. You can also enjoy the parking facility here as well, so if you are driving around the city, then feel free to come here. Horse and Camel ride also available that you can enjoy here; Most probably, this is one of the best places to visit in Mangalore.


2. Divine paintings at St. Aloysius College Chapel-

A beautiful place in Mangalore, St. Aloysius College Chapel was built in 1884. The interior structure of the Church is decorated by age-old paintings, and that is most ever the main attraction of this place of worship. The chapel here is decorated with stunning paintings that were completed by Antonio Moscheni and depict stories from the Bible.


3. The beauty of nature in Pilikula Nisargadhama-

An eco-tourism destination that is famous for educational, Pilikula Nisargadhama is a must-visit place. You can take a walk on the 370 acres of land, full of pristine and beautiful. The tropical forest here is intensified to explore you the main place. You can also enjoy the Biological Park, the Science Centre, and enjoy boating in the lake. It also consists of a water amusement park and A golf course.


4. Kadri Manjunath Temple-

A beautiful hills of Kadri, this beautiful temple was built in the 10th or 11th century. Also, the idol of Manjunathaswamy that is situated here inside the temple is the oldest in South India. The temple is enjoyed by the Hindus here in Mangalore, and you can try your luck visiting during the annual festival, that arrange in the month of January, which lasts for nine days.


5. Seafood and more-

Mangalorean delicacies are typically encouraged with the aid of using the numerous different South Indian cuisines, however, it does stand out in lots of ways. Yes, it’s miles certainly a haven for seafood, however, that doesn’t imply different dishes are out of date here. Try the very famous beef sorpotel, which strains its roots to Portugal, and additionally beef bafat with sannas. While bafat is a Portuguese spice, a sanna is spongy idli, that is a bit distinctive out of your ordinary idli. Then, of course, there are the severa fishes to try, specially the Anjal Masala Fry.



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