List of 10 Popular Markets for shopping in Mangalore

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  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Mar 25, 2021

List of 10 Popular Markets for shopping in Mangalore

Mangalore is a highly known tourist destination known for temples and forts. However, that doesn’t refrain you from shopping for some of the best stuff to take back home. In this article, we shall discuss the various places you can explore for famous markets for shopping in Mangalore.

Popular Markets for shopping in Mangalore:


1. Empire Mall:

Empire mall is based at the heart of the city. Thus, it is one of the busiest in Mangalore. The place has no brand that you will struggle to find as almost everything is there. They have a huge food court to relax and dine after you are tired of shopping.


2. Central Market:

Central Market is another prominent place to shop for shopaholics in Mangalore. From traditional and cultural stuff to modern products, every shop has something different to offer. You can also shop for fresh fruits and veggies here.

3. Old Charm Shopping:

Old Charm shopping is usually busy with residents of Mangalore and thus the place is crowded by tourists who wish to feel connected with the city. You can buy handicrafts, local stuff, and souvenirs from the local vendors.


4. The Cottage Crafts:

The Cottage Crafts is an amazing place to shop gift articles to take back home for family and friends. They have more than ten thousand collections of Arts and Crafts items to choose from. You will go crazy about what to shop for and what to leave.


5. Crafts Boutique:

Crafts Boutique deals with fine quality pashmina clothes and Kashmir specialty. They have amazing varieties of silk as well. You can buy clothes, antique showpieces, and home décor items here.


6. Phalguni Cashew:

The most popular Mangalore Halwa is best served at the Phalguni cashew market. As the name depicts, you can buy fresh and good quality cashews from here. The other specialties include lip-smacking flavors of sweets in banana, apple, jackfruit, and more…


7. Hampankatta:

For those who are not too brand-conscious and love to wander on the streets to explore the cities on foot, Hampankatta cannot be ignored. It doesn’t matter whether you are a resident or a tourist from a different city, state, or country, the available varieties will keep you busy for the rest of the day.


8. Saibeen Complex:

The complex has several shops to buy budgeted stuff. Those who do not wish to spend like crazy on shopping must visit this place. It is a blessing for them. The shopkeepers have everything from local wear to festive wear along with other categories to sell.


9. Panambur Beach:

The beach gives you stuff to the buy that no other place in Mangalore would. They have unique seashell items and crafts to take back home as a souvenir for friends and family. Every shop has brilliant crafts work on sale.


10. Badangupet Market:

If you love jewelry of all kinds, you can spend hours selecting from wide varieties here. Additionally, you can shop from a range of sarees, eatables, décor items, showpieces, and more… It’s a delight to the eyes of shoppers.


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