• By : Vimi
  • Feb 19, 2024
  • Category: Goa

8 Best Places to Celebrate Holi in India

India is well-known for its brilliant and colorful Holi celebrations, and there are many wonderful locations throughout the nation where you can take in the full splendor of this festival. Here are the 8 Best Places to Celebrate Holi in India: Mathura and Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh: Known for their Holi celebrations, these two locations are … Continue reading "8 Best Places to Celebrate Holi in India"


  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Sep 25, 2020
  • Category: Goa

The Goa Liberation Movement

The Goa Liberation Movement was a political movement that sought to end Portuguese colonial rule over the Goan region and its adjacent territories of Daman and Diu. Goa was colonized by the Portuguese in the early 16th century, and despite repeated demands for its independence by the Indian patriots, Goa was ruled by the Portuguese … Continue reading "The Goa Liberation Movement"

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