Goa Liberation Movement


  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Sep 25, 2020

Goa Liberation Movement

The struggle for liberation has been the heated topic for Portuguese since a long time. With the collection of revolts that started on a small scale and made it up the level every time, Goa grew as a powerful destination from 1940s. The Goa Liberation Movement was announced for inside and outside Goa. The movement also gave rise to nonviolent, diplomatic, and revolutionary ways of living in Goa. The scenario changed once more when after Indian invasion of Goa in 1961. This furthermore, took charge of a large part of Goa for the development of Indian territories.

If you check the history of this period, about 22 Indian army men and 30 Portuguese soldiers were killed during the war.  The people of Goa strongly believe that it is because of these martyrs their destination became one of the richest in per capita income amongst Indian states.

When is the Goa Liberation Movement celebrated?

The special day is celebrated on 19 December annually. This day marks an important part of Goa’s history. It was the day when Goa was free from the Portuguese rule and got its own power with the support of Indian army and navy. Read further to know how is this day celebrated amongst the common residents of Goa.

In 1961, the Indian Government provided full on ground force as it was tough to face the supersonic interceptors of Portuguese. Finally, on December 17, under the guidance of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Goa could breathe free by conquering over 3000 member Portuguese navy troop.


How is the Goa Liberation Movement celebrated by people?

People of Goa celebrate the liberation movement on the 19th of December every year. Since, Goa was under the British control prior the movement, freedom was less under their power. However, people gather to celebrate and pay tribute to the Indian Army and Navy for their most important contribution in its freedom.

The festivity includes a torch light parade, cultural program, and other gatherings to pay tribute to the freedom fighters of Goa. It is a period to rejoice for the people of Goa and they do it with a great spirit.


Hope the article was useful to you on the Goa Liberation Movement. You will also find a detailed study of the movement online in top Google searches. Before you close the article, don’t forget to pay your tribute to the great warriors who fought and made Goa a possible tourist destination today for millions.


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