Cue Card On Tourist Destinations In India


  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Jun 29, 2020

Cue Card On Tourist Destinations In India

For any tourist destination to plan especially a diverse place like India, you need some cue cards. Cue cards help to answer all the general queries such as,

•    What is the purpose of your travel?

•    What are the interesting factors about the place?

•    What are the distant and general modes of transport?

•    Why do you wish to visit that place?

and more…

These questions help you get the answer to the main purpose of your journey. Every question gets you closer to a clear picture of your travel. One of the most important steps, to begin with, is listing all your favorite tourist destinations in India before you begin with the cue cards of the next set of questions.

Visiting a vast country like India raises many questions on the visit. Try the following tips as cue cards for your travel to India.

Cue Card tips on tourist destinations in India:

1. Why do you think the place you are planning to visit in India is worth the visit?

There could be oodles of attractions but, is that the only reason why you wish to visit that destination in India? It could be possible that the number of hotels would be limited or the living standard may be underdeveloped. Check all the factors before you visit.

2. Do you have a plan of per day stay and exploration?

You would need a map, some online research, and assistance from a local guide on your plan of action and plan of travel. It is because you don’t wish to miss out on the exciting things to do or places to explore by simply lazing at the hotel. Thus, listing all the attractions and planning day-wise activities will be worth the visit.

3. Do you know of someone local?

It is always wise to get someone who knows the place in and out. It is because India has a diverse culture and thus, the traditions, as well as the language, differ from place to place. Not everyone is fluent in spoken English. Taking a local friend who is aware of the nook and corners would be a wise thing to do.

4. Make a detailed list of expenses

Regardless of the place you visit, every travel local or interstate would involve expenses. From stay to travel and from activities to shopping, everything would need a budget. Also, answer whether certain expenses can be curbed to save for the other destinations.

I hope you are all set to make your own cue cards for your travel to India. Have a safe and amazing journey!


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