Top 10 places for short trips from Bangalore

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  • Dec 1, 2023

Top 10 places for short trips from Bangalore

Living in a high-tech city like Bangalore can become too much at times due to its surroundings and short weekend trips are perfect for revitalizing your spirit. There are lots of famous places to explore near Bangalore and we have curated top 10 enticing locations for a perfect weekend getaway.

1. Ooty – 266 Km

Nestled in the blue mountains, Ooty is a captivating road trip destination from Bangalore. The drive through Bangalore-Mysore Highway and SH 66 is a scenic journey best experienced between October and June. It boasts a delightful climate all year round. Ooty caters to various travel preferences, making it equally ideal for groups of friends, solo adventurers, families, and couples.

Engage in cycling or leisurely walks to the Mukruthi peak, offering a glimpse of the Nilgiri Tahr. Explore the Ooty Tea Factory to gain insights into the intricate tea-making process. Savor freshly brewed tea, losing yourself in its incredible aroma and flavour. Explore the serene Avalanche Lake, the majestic Doddapetta Peak, the picturesque Pykara Lake and Waterfall, and the vibrant Rose Garden. Numerous resorts in Ooty provide splendid views and excellent facilities at reasonable prices, so be sure to secure your bookings in advance. Discover the charm of iconic places such as Cubbon Park, Bangalore Palace, Vidhan Soudha, and the ISKCON Temple.

2. Coorg – 268 Km

Nestled in the embrace of the lush Western Ghats, Coorg, also known as Kodagu, stands as one of the most captivating hill stations in Southern India. Renowned as the “Scotland of India,” this enchanting locale beckons with splendid vistas, a consistently pleasant climate, and an idyllic ambiance, making it an ideal destination for a rejuvenating weekend getaway.

For adventure enthusiasts, the thrill of white river rafting is an experience not to be missed. The proximity of Nagarhole National Park adds another dimension to your visit, offering exciting jeep safaris and elephant safaris for wildlife enthusiasts. The Tadiandamol peak, with its challenging trekking path, beckons expert trekkers to conquer its heights. Additionally, Coorg presents a myriad of professionally arranged smaller and more accessible treks, ensuring there’s an adventure for everyone. Explore the beauty of Coorg through its breathtaking viewpoints that promise awe-inspiring vistas to savour and enjoy.

3. Mysuru – 145 Km

Mysuru, is a cultural hub with magnificent buildings and palaces. This city is a treasure trove of heritage, boasting meticulously preserved tourist attractions. Mysuru offers a delightful shopping experience with sought-after items such as silk, sandalwood, and exquisite handicrafts. The grandeur of Dussehra celebrations in Mysuru attracts millions of visitors from across the globe.

Explore the Mysore Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and immerse yourself in its regal splendor. Discover the rare animals and birds at the Mysore Zoo, and unwind in the tranquil ambiance of the Brindavan Gardens during the evening. Embark on a spiritual journey to the Chamundeshwari Temple atop the Chamundi Hills or discover the architectural marvel of St. Philomena’s Cathedral, one of the tallest churches in Asia. For a more adventurous exploration, consider renting a bike or a car to uncover the hidden gems tucked away in Mysore’s charming nooks and corners.

4. Hampi – 340 Km

Once the majestic capital of the ancient Vijayanagara Dynasty, Hampi stands as a treasure trove of rare and meticulously crafted monuments and temples. The road condition from Bangalore to Hampi can be optimized by taking the Bellary to Hiriyur route, spanning 350 km and best explored from November to February. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it commands a prominent spot on your must-visit list when exploring Karnataka. The remnants of the Vijayanagara Empire manifest in approximately 1,600 temples, monuments, structures, and memorials that continue to grace this historical landscape. The allure of Hampi extends beyond its historical richness, offering an irresistible blend of shopping delights and gastronomic adventures.

Immerse yourself in the charm of Hampi by exploring its various ruins and temples, capturing the rustic beauty through the lens if you have a penchant for photography. Venture to the Hippie Island on the outskirts of Hampi Town, a hidden gem cherished by backpackers for its continental cuisine and delightful hut-stays. For panoramic views, embark on a hike up to the Veerabhadra Temple, culminating in the mesmerizing Matanga Hill—the highest point in Hampi, providing a spectacular vantage point for breathtaking sunsets. To explore the town’s diverse offerings, consider renting a scooter and traversing its vibrant streets, soaking in the various cultural flares that Hampi has to offer.

5. Mangalore – 350 Km

Mangalore, the bustling Port City of Karnataka, is situated between the verdant Western Ghats and the azure Arabian Sea. While the city shares the lively energy of Bangalore, it harbors hidden gems where you can unwind and enjoy leisure. It invites you to relax on its picturesque beaches, savoring freshly caught seafood, and explore its rich array of churches and temples.

Surfing enthusiasts flock to Mangalore, attracted by its popular surfing ashram offering basic lessons. The city boasts friendly beaches adorned with tempting food kiosks and stunning views, making them perfect for a leisurely day. Witness breathtaking sunsets painting the sky in hues of warmth. For nature lovers, Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park is a must-visit, housing over 100 butterfly varieties in a beautifully maintained setting. If you seek a spiritual retreat, the Kudroli Gokarnath Temple awaits, offering a transcendent experience.

6. Wayanad – 273 Km

Wayanad, a picturesque district nestled at the confluence of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, is a haven in the Western Ghats. Surrounded by lush greenery, Wayanad offers an array of delightful accommodations and an opportunity to savour the delectable cuisine of Kerala. Blessed with a favourable climate, this idyllic destination provides the perfect setting to shed the stresses of the week and recharge your spirit.

Glide over the waters of Pookot Lake with an enjoyable boating experience. Alternatively, explore the Kuruva Dweep River Delta, revelling in the diverse flora and fauna that surround you during another delightful boating excursion. Marvel at the majestic Edakkal Caves in Ambukutty Mala, a prehistoric rock shelter adorned with astounding rock engravings. For trekking enthusiasts, the Chembra Peak, standing as the highest point in the district at 2100 meters, beckons with exhilarating trekking options. For a thrilling experience, journey to Lakkidi Village, winding your way up from the foothills through sharp hairpin bends and narrow lanes.

7. Coonoor – 289 Km

Renowned for its sprawling tea plantations, Coonoor stands out as a top choice for short weekend getaways near Bangalore. As the second-largest hill station in the Nilgiri Hills, it has become a favourite among tourists in Southern India. Coonoor’s allure is not confined to a particular season; however, the period between October and March is particularly inviting. An exhilarating ride on the toy train adds a touch of joy to your visit, while birdwatching enthusiasts find themselves captivated by the diverse species that grace this scenic destination throughout the year.

8. Pondicherry – 310 Km

Characterized by remnants of distinguished French-style architecture, the city exudes a colonial ambience, creating a unique and charming atmosphere. Renowned for its exquisite cuisine, affordable alcohol, and an overall lively and joyful vibe, this destination promises an unforgettable experience. Visit between October and March for an unforgettable experience, opting for the Mahabalipuram-Kanchipuram route.

Dive into the depths of the sea with thrilling scuba diving adventures. Find serenity and tranquility in Auroville, an experimental township that boasts residents from over 54 countries, adorned with pristine gardens and clean beaches. Embrace the vibrant culture by renting a bike or bicycle to explore the colorful streets, uncovering quaint little churches along the way. Don’t forget to include a visit to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram for a touch of divinity in your itinerary.

9. Chikmagalur – 245 Km

Nestled in the foothills of the Mullayanagiri Peak, Chikmagalur stands out as a sought-after hill station in Karnataka. Surrounded by lush tropical rainforests, the climate remains consistently cool and pleasant throughout the year, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors. This vibrant hill station is adorned with a myriad of tourist attractions, bustling local markets, and delightful eateries, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Wildlife enthusiasts can embark on an enriching journey to the Kudremukh National Park. The park boasts a diverse range of animal species, including mammals, reptiles, and birds. For trekking enthusiasts, the Kudremukh Trek, spanning 9 km, presents a moderately challenging adventure. Explore the captivating coffee plantations that adorn the hills, and indulge in purchasing fresh coffee to take home. Adventure seekers can partake in thrilling activities like mountain biking, ziplining, and microlight flights in the scenic surroundings of Chikmagalur.

10. Shivanasamudra Falls – 133 Km

Ranked as the second-largest waterfall in the country, it cascades majestically from a towering height of 320 feet. Here, the river Cauvery gracefully splits into two, forming downstream waterfalls known as the Gaganachukki Falls and the Bharachukki Falls. A 140 km journey along NH 209 leads to this enchanting spot, best enjoyed between August and February. While the Gaganachukki Falls can be observed from an elevated tower, the Bharachukki Falls allows for a closer view from its base.

Indulge in a variety of activities during your visit, such as taking a boat ride on the Cauvery. Explore the Ranganathaswamy Temple situated at the heart of the town, surrounded by bustling markets offering a range of items, including local delicacies, handicrafts, clothing, as well as wood and brassware. For those seeking adventure, trekking is a popular activity in these picturesque surroundings.

Now that you’re acquainted with these popular spots, grab a vehicle and embark on your journey without delay! And if you are not from Bangalore, no worries. Check out our other articles on different cities.

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