Famous Places For Shopping In Mysore


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  • Aug 3, 2022

Famous Places For Shopping In Mysore

The city of Mysore is renowned for its handicrafts, sandalwood, and silk sarees. Mysore silk sarees are famous throughout the world. Weaving is in the heart of Mysore and I’m sure you won’t be able to resist the temptation to shop. Mysore has a rich history of monarchy, which is still evident in the culture and people of the city. The city caters to all of a shopper’s needs, from modern to traditional. The contemporary demands of tourists are met by big brand names in large shopping malls, while old bazaars and Mysore shopping streets provide a rich test of royalty.

Famous Mysore Food | The Foodies Corner

If the foodie inside you doesn’t pique your interest, hang on! You’ll get the opportunity to explore a new world of taste there. From Mysore Pak to Bonda to Masala Dosa to Kori Gassi (Mangalore chicken curry) are also on the list of dishes you must try. The ideal season to travel is in Monsson from September to February.

If you’re going shopping in Mysore, here’s a list of famous places for shopping in Mysore.

  1. Devraj Market
  2. Guru Sweet Mart
  3. Sandalwood Oil Factory
  4. Mall of Mysore
  5. Garuda Mall
  6. Government Silk Factory

Devraj Market

This is the perfect place for people who look for cost-effective products, being Mysore’s busiest market, it offers a long list of the most affordable products. This market is known for selling coloured powders and costume jewellery, as well as perfumes. At the corners of Devraj market, you will get many old family-owned shops that are known for selling the finest silk sarees in the world. The market is also known for selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and sweets, which is why it is extremely busy on weekends, with people coming from all over Mysore to replenish their supplies.

Guru Sweet Mart

The people who have sweet tooth like mine. Then Guru Sweet Mart is the best place to quench the thrust of Sweets. This place is famous for the taste of Mysore’s legendary sweet Mysore Pak. The sweet’s history dates back nearly 70 years when the king of Mysuru commissioned a chef to create a one-of-a-kind sweet bearing the city’s name. Pak came from ‘Nalapaka’, the chef who created the sweet or ‘Paka’ with the goodness of flour, sugar, and butter. That chef was the great-grandpa of the store owner. It means there will be no compromise in the taste of Mysore Pak.

Sandalwood Oil Factory

As you know Mysore is also renowned for sandalwood products and the Sandalwood Oil Factory is one of the players who are making it. What about getting the products directly from the factory where they are manufactured. And also get the chance of exploring the manufacturing of renowned sandalwood products. There are plenty of options to choose from sandalwood shops, oil, high-quality perfumes, incense sticks, detergents, and much more. This place is heaven for natural product users who are always cautious about using cosmetics.

In India, there would be no one who would not familiar with the goodness of sandalwood. In Hinduism, it is used to worshipping Lord Shiva and it is believed that the goddess Lakshmi lives in the sandalwood tree. In Jainism, it is used to worship Tirthankara Jain deities. In some Buddhist traditions, sandalwood is considered to be of the Padma (lotus) group and attributed to Amitabha Buddha. In Sufi tradition, sandalwood paste is applied to the Sufi saint’s grave by followers as a mark of devotion. This is shown how Sandalwood is deeply grass-rooted in Indian Culture. From the beginning of a holy ritual to medicinal benefits. These sandalwood products have numerous therapeutic characteristics, such as anti-ageing and anti-scarring, and they are quite cost-effective.

Visit Sandalwood Oil Factory to explore the wonderful properties of sandalwood and to purchase authentic varieties of amazing natural products on your way back.


Mall of Mysore

This is one of the largest shopping malls and the first of its kind in Mysore. This mall is statistically ranked third among malls in the southern portion of the country. The Mall of Mysore is a fantastic illustration of how traditional state-of-the-art architecture can be combined with a modern viewpoint to create a unique experience. This is something you’ll notice in every area of the shopping centre.

The mall offers premium retail and entertainment options for all kinds of visitors. Luxury brand stores, fine dining restaurants, a food court, entertainment zones, a 4-screen multiplex, and even a five-star hotel, Radisson Blu, are all located within the mall. All of these and more can be found at Mysore’s famed Mall. Weekends saw an unusually large influx of visitors, making parking a challenge. When you visit this gorgeous city, make sure to visit the Mall of Mysore, which has been designed to give a different meaning to the luxurious experience in cultural city.

Garuda Mall

Garuda mall is another one of the most vibrant malls in Mysore and owns the crown of the oldest mall in Mysore. The mall is only located in Bengaluru initially but in 2013, the mall first opened its doors for Mysore. Garuda Mall is home to the greatest national and international brands, as well as budget-friendly deals and specials, a dedicated food court, and a variety of events. There is also a long list of brands like US Polo, Hidesign, Forever 21, Westside, Vero Moda, plus-sized stores as well as chains like Pantaloons.

Government Silk Factory

This is going to be the best place for the women like Sandal Wood Oil Factory. It offers silk products at a very minimum cost because of the origin place of exclusive fabric. The visit to this place is worth it because every single piece of cloth has some distinct uniqueness and the quality of products is highly satisfactory.

This place is frequently packed with residents and visitors. Come to the Government Silk Factory to witness the expert weavers in action while shopping for glistening silks. The sari is India’s traditional garment, and its silk version is particularly popular in the country’s southern towns. Indians and Europeans alike lust for the Mysore silk sari. The one advantage of purchasing the saree from there is you will get it at the cheapest price than the showrooms offer the same saree without compromising on the quality side. The factory not only offers the saree but ties, handkerchiefs, neckties, and stoles also.

Other shopping options include Ashoka Road, the Badsha Store, and the Heritage. I strongly advise that you should research on product quality and prices before visiting any of these locations.

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