List of 8 Popular Markets for shopping in Nashik

shopping in Nashik

  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Apr 1, 2021

List of 8 Popular Markets for shopping in Nashik

Nashik is a beautiful place for a mini-vacation. Although it is a small city, the place gives you wonderful memories that are worth taking back home. Some things are only best found in Nashik. Let’s discuss some of the best shopping places in Nashik.

These places have been recommended by the visitors in the past and some local travelers of Nashik. Thus, these are highly preferred by many who have visited the place before. Check these out and list which places you would begin with.

List of 8 Popular Markets for shopping in Nashik:


1. Deolali Camp:

Deolali is the main attraction of Nashik. Other than being popular for its military base and temples, you have good numbers of shops and markets to shop from. Check out the various amazing varieties of artifacts, gift articles, and souvenirs.


2. Saraf Bazaar:

Saraf Bazaar is a hidden gem to many people who travel to Nashik. You can buy everything that you would in a mall. The shopkeepers have jewelry, gifts, souvenirs, and other similar stuff to take back home. The entire market shines at night with so much to sell and attract its visitors.


3. Tibetan Bazaar:

If you ever visit Nashik during winters, this is one market that you would never want to miss. A huge group of Tibetans is seen here buying winter wear like scarves, jackets, sweaters, mufflers, gloves, etc… You may get tired of shopping, but they won’t get tired of showing you the best stuff!


4. Pinnacle Mall:

The mall is scattered on a base of 300,000 square feet and is loved by the visitors. The huge glass windows display amazing products from every store luring its customers to buy great stuff. Other than the comfort and convenience to shopping, you can munch or dine at their huge food court.


5. Nashik City Centre Mall:

Nashik is not as big as you think, however; the city has never fallen short of visitors. You can hang around all day at this amazing mall. Shop from amazing brands, catch up for a movie showing at their beautiful cinema, and grab a bite from the delicious restaurants in the mall. You can also try their food court to enjoy a decent crowd.


6. MG Road Shopping:

Visit the MG road to explore various shops and choose between local to international brands. If you have an interest in electronics and gadgets, this is the right place to visit as you can bargain good stuff to take back home.

7. Shalimar Main Road:

Shalimar Main Road is usually crowded with local and college crowds. The place is known for local shopkeepers, street vendors, and local products. Take few hours to explore the place in a relaxed manner.

8. College Road:

The College Road in Nashik is ideal for people with different budgets. From small to big budgets, you can shop anything as per your limitations. They serve amazing street food to try and die for. Some of the stuff you won’t get in any mall in Nashik but here.


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