Impact Of Covid-19 On Mumbaikars’ Lives


  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Jun 15, 2020

Impact Of Covid-19 On Mumbaikars’ Lives

The once never sleeping city of Mumbai suffered from dead silence in the past few weeks. Covid-19 not only hampered the individual lives of Mumbaikars but the overall performance and once the colorful city totally. Mumbai has always lived on its terms and has shared its pros and cons. The city has remained highlights by media on hot topics like Bollywood, rains, nightlife, traffic, and street food. Sadly, all came on a standstill ever since Covid-19 became the hot topic of the world.

It cannot be denied that the whole world has terribly suffered from this deadly pandemic and continues to do so. However, the city of Mumbai for Mumbaikars and for all those relating to it like a dream destination has changed their opinions.

With the shift of people back in their homeland and migrants back to their villages, Mumbai may see less of the crowd, delayed in construction works, and other economical backlogs. Movies are now releasing on the OTT platforms and digital media is full support to it. Theatres, cinemas, and malls may see fewer or no crowds despite the phase-wise lockdown being up.


Three things that will not be the same in Mumbai for Mumbaikars due to Covid-19:

1. Lifestyle:

With people losing more jobs and delayed salaries, the lifestyle of people has changed and will continue to worsen. The real estate business is already seeing vacant flats that were on rent. The majority of the residents are continuing to avoid travel, saving fuel, and ordering essentials online. Thus, the lifestyle has come to a standstill!


2. Nightlife:

The once colorful Mumbai is seen dead after the curfew imposed by the State Government from 9 pm to 5 am. No bars and no night roaming allowed in the city and I believe the night curfew will continue until the vaccine for Covid-19 is out.


3. Opportunities:

Loss of jobs and cut on labor costs has created more challenges over opportunities for Mumbaikars. No one is able to predict what the situation will be like in the coming days. As of now, opportunities do not seem to bloom in Mumbai for Mumbaikars. To add more, I doubt there will be job promotions, salary hike, or incentives for salaried employees.

The hopes are not gone and the positivity sustains in the hearts of Mumbaikars with hope for all of this to end soon. I pass my gratitude to Mumbai being a Mumbaikar too and hope things settle soon to normal for us all. The question is; what is happening now is normal or what we were doing before the Pandemic was normal.

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