Power Of Social Media, 80 year Old Couple’s Life Has Been Changed: Baba ka Dhaba


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  • Oct 9, 2020

Power Of Social Media, 80 year Old Couple’s Life Has Been Changed: Baba ka Dhaba

Actually, social media — when utilized deliberately after some time — is the most impressive type of showcasing and statistical surveying the world has ever observed. However, it is anything but an enchantment bean that becomes for the time being into business achievement. It’s a stage for genuine work.


The workmanship is realizing the best places to put that work so you get results and not only a great deal of irritating individuals who believe they’re your companions. That is what we will discuss today.

Basic definitions is that

The term social media has consistently been fairly faltering and repetitive.

Social Media become reason of ,80 years old couple’s life happiness: Baba ka Dhaba

There is no denying the way that the Coronavirus pandemic has carried a halt to numerous private companies. Among the hardest hit are the ones which are in the café and food industry. Road food sellers and side of the road slows down are left with practically zero income, with individuals to a great extent subject to their reserve funds for their regular needs. In the midst of the emergency, a video via online media has given a beam of would like to one such food slow down.


Baba Ka Dhaba is a 30-year-old food slow down in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, that is controlled by an older couple. The couple have been attempting to win because of the continuous pandemic. Their situation was brought to the cutting edge by food blogger Gaurav Wasan in a video that became a web sensation via web-based media

In the video, the proprietor of the slow down, 80-year-old Kanta Prasad clarifies how they are scarcely figuring out how to make a decent living because of decreased footfall. He demonstrated the dishes, for example, Dal, Paneer Matar and Aloo Soya which are sensibly estimated in the scope of Rs. 30 to 50. While disclosing his condition to the food blogger and when the last attempted to comfort him, the proprietor broke into tears.


Copy the URL for Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeDw3uOEYIo

After Delhi’s “Baba Ka Dhaba”, People Queue Up At Agra’s “Kanji Bada” Following Viral Video


Days after a significant overflowing of help for the old couple who ran Baba Ka Dhaba in the public capital after a video highlighting them circulated around the web, another clasp of an elderly person running a “kanji bada” slow down in Agra who lost all his profit because of the Covid pandemic has turned up on the web.

The proprietor Narayan Singh, who professes to be in his 90s has been selling “kanji bada” in the city Agra for a very long time out of his slow down in Kamla Nagar region of the city.

After his video became famous online, a few people began visiting his food slow down including Agra District judge Prabhu N Singh.

Addressing ANI, Narayan Singh, the proprietor of the slow down, stated, “I confronted a great deal of issues as I needed to sit home during the lockdown. My day by day pay was likewise gravely hit because of COVID-19.”

Dhanishta- – the young lady who made a video of the slow down and submitted it online after which it was shared broadly, stated, “I made this video viral on the grounds that I saw the video of ”Baba Ka Dhabha” (in Delhi). I imagined that I should help individuals in my territory, in the event that I get more proposals, at that point I will assist individuals with loving these.”



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