Tourist Destinations In India Famous For Panchatantra Stories


  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Jul 2, 2020

Tourist Destinations In India Famous For Panchatantra Stories

The word ‘Panchatantra’ is derived from the popular tales for kids. The tales speak a lot about kindness, animal love, traveling, spreading love, having quality time with family, joy, laughter, and more… There are plenty of places in India that takes you back to those amazing tales of childhood. These places are loaded with a lot of activities to do amidst nature.

In this article, we have listed some of the best tourist locations to explore in India that is famous for Panchtantra stories.

Tourist destinations in India famous for Panchatantra Stories:

1. Panchatantra Themed Park:


The theme park based in Hyderabad is one of its kinds. It is one of the most cherished not only by kids but also for bigger kids born in the 90s. A major specialty about the park is that it has a dedicated zone for kids where the children are made to hear stories of Vishnu Sharma, who wrote Panchtantra stories. You would also find beautiful animal sculptures made of grass. Lots of greenery and best spots to explore for beautiful clicks for adults.

The entry is free; however, the park is temporarily closed due to the global Pandemic.


2. Panchtantra Park:

Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

Another animal-based themed park that is adorable in India is the Panchtantra Park in Jhansi. The park is also inspired by the stories by Vishnu Sharma. You will get to enjoy a jogging track, themed slides based on different animals, and greenery everywhere. Kids love to spend their weekends here. Not just the kids, even the adults love to spend time at this wondrous park.

The entry fee to the park is INR 20 and you need at least two to three hours to explore the entire place.


3. Sasan Gir National Park:

Gir Gujarat

Enjoy the annual Panchtantra Story Telling Fest in Gujarat. Last year, it was held on 24th May 2019. The storytelling fest fee is inclusive of gala dinner, accommodation, and day activities. You also get a chance to meet and greet some of the best storytellers. Speak, draw, and watch with them the famous Panchtantra stories.

The prices vary from INR 1499 to INR 29999 depending on the package. Some of the major attractions of the place include yoga, bicycling, star gazing, nature walks, safari, and more…


4. Imagica:

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Imagica being one of the biggest themed parks for children show a lot about its offerings. Along with oodles of rides and attractions, you have a lot of areas to shop, click pictures, explore the various themed fairy tales activities, and more…

A trip to Imagica whenever you pay a visit to Mumbai is worth it! Make sure you take the entire day to explore the place a few hours would suffice the quest of your journey to Imagica.

Do share your experience with us and let us know how your trip to these breath-taking parks in India was.


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