10 Famous Indore Markets


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  • Jul 11, 2022

10 Famous Indore Markets

When I first started writing this blog, I was puzzled by Indore’s vibe of absoluteness. How could I define a place that encompasses the exclusivity, prestige, and splendour of India’s heritage and culture?

Indore not only boasts heritages, but it also has world-famous markets or bazaars. For shopaholics, this is the cherry on top. Indore may be a one-stop shop for all of your needs, including special occasion clothing, traditional and modern wears, souvenirs, jewelry, collectables, handcrafted art pieces, and wholesale electronics.

And how could this be finished without mentioning food? The list of street food is never-ending since you will discover something new at every corner of Indore’s streets. The mouth-watering famous meals are Bhutte ki kees, Batla Kachori, Poha, Chappan, Dahi vada, and Chaats, which you will remember for the rest of your life. As a result, Indore is also referred to as “Mini Mumbai.” A never-sleeping metropolis. Let’s go on a drive to explore the markets of Indore.

The famous shopping markets of Indore

  1. Sarafa Bazar
  2. MT Cloth Market
  3. Tibet Market
  4. Topkhana Market
  5. Sitlamata Bazaar
  6. Heritage Market
  7. Moolchand Market
  8. Chappan Bazaar
  9. Jail Road Market
  10. Marothia Bazaar

Sarafa Bazaar

Sarafa Bazar is well known for its Meenakari jewelry designs with other rare pieces of work and is a paradise for foodies. Sarafa Bazar is situated in Indore’s bustling place Annapurna Road. This market is divided into two parts known as Chota Sarafa Bazaar and Bara Sarafa Bazaar. You can shop in the market from 10 AM to 9 PM and once the traditional shops shut down, the place is occupied by street food vendors that offer a variety of chaats, dahi vada, samosas, bhelpuri, and many more mouth-watering street foods that makes it the first choice of tourists and locals. It’s the one-stop solution for all your traditional, modern, and rare jewelry needs.

MT Cloth Market

Some people called it Maharaja Tukojirao Holker market and some called it Maharani market. Whatever you call it but one thing is not going to change its legacy of the oldest and most vibrant market. The market is situated at Shekhawat Market. It is always packed with customers buying sarees, beautiful handloom apparel and other clothing items offered and relatively cheap prices. I strongly believe once you start shopping, you won’t stop yourself to grab the lucrative deals offered by wholesalers.

Tibet Market

I think you would be familiar with the name Tibet Market. You would probably find this market in every major city in winter. Situated in Central Indore, the marketplace offers a great number of fashionable, trendy, affordable cardigans, sweaters, jackets, woollen shrugs, ponchos, and many other items. You will also find shops selling Tibetan carpets and rugs, paintings, and silver Tibetan jewelry. The key to cracking the best deal is your bargaining power.

Topkhana Market

When I first heard the name of this market, I thought this place will be selling some sort of equipment like swords because of its name, it’s pretty natural to think like that but that’s not the reality. Well, this market offers souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, and every single item that you would need to day to day life and the availability of a wide variety of items stands this market apart from other markets. You will find great handicraft wooden items, leather toys, stone carved household items and much more. A number of items made from sustainable sources like clay will be picked up as a memory and don’t forget to give a shoot to famous terracotta idols.

Sitlamata Bazaar

The Sitlamata Bazar is the top picking of visitors to shopping for all kinds of special occasions like weddings and festivels. This market is also located in a part of Shekhawat Market and establishes it as a hub of ethnic wear shopping. You will probably be hooked on lahangs and sarees because of their exclusive zari work or chikankari designs and price is relatively cheap and best in class according to their quality and work.

Heritage Market

Heritage market is quite popular among youths because of its vibrant vibe, this market is full of showrooms of red carpet trendy clothes. You will find many national and international brand outlet’s at every corner of the market. If you are searching for the latest fashionable clothes and accessories, then don’t forget to give them a shot. Heritage Market is the first choice of customers when it comes to quality clothes and formal dress up. The market is situated in central Indore and very easy to commute from any location of Indore. You can visit the market from 11 am to 9 pm.

Moolchand Market

Finding a perfect piece of cloth for your kids is always a big mess, you won’t easily find a perfect fit of suit or clothing for your eye’s charm. Here is a big drop, Moolchandra markets can heal you from the headache of crawling cities to every store to find clothes for kids. Both readymade and custom-made clothes are available at this market. A large number of custom-made options are available, you can specify your needs and they will offer you custom-made clothes. It’s pretty cool. Not only this you will find clothes for both men and women also. There are shops that sell toys and games. In one word a perfect place to shop for your kid. Moolchand market is located right by the famous Rajwada of Indore and you can visit from 11 am to 9 pm.

Chappan Bazaar

As per Bazaar’s name, it is known for its 56 stalls that offer mouth watering, amazing and delicious food. Everything from Mughlai, Continental, Chinese, and local food items are available here at very affordable prices.

Jail Road Market

This market offers electronic goods and home appliances, you can crack good deals here on your purchasing and this market becomes a point of attraction on festivals like Diwali.

Marothia Bazaar

This bazaar is almost exclusively dedicated to handmade goods and handcrafted items and local craftsmen from far and wide come here to sell their pieces of art.

The list is not ending here if you are in the city and ask locals about the famous bazaars, no doubt they will tell you some other places to go so don’t miss that. Enjoy different things, and create and capture memories. Don’t forget to scroll through our blog on famous places to visit in Indore to get an edge on your journey.

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