Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Switch to Indian Products

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Switch to Indian Products

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  • Jun 22, 2020

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Switch to Indian Products

Indians have always been known for their excellent skills regardless of whether it is the production of products or delivery of services. Then, why is it that most of us are yet inclined towards overseas purchases or buying stuff from the neighboring countries? The irony is we have very proudly admitted and accepted that our products have no value and our country is yet developing. Moreover, the strangest thing to realize is we are ok to buy and use products from countries that are known for the highest population, are yet developing, and offer no guarantee on their products either!

There came a period where foreign goods were boycotted during Independence and today, the clock is taking us back to the same time. There are many reasons to get convinced that it is time we switch to Indian goods and services.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Switch to Indian Products:

1. Most foreign goods are imported from India:

We know that most of the products that we buy from abroad are actually made in India. Our country imports the finest products from clothing, food, electronics, mechanical parts, etc. from here and we end up buying the same at an exorbitant price.

2. Indian goods are long-lasting:

Our country is rich in resources and has been a land of wonders with perfect soil. Thus, Indian goods are long-lasting as the produce comes from a rich soil that offers the best of raw materials.

3. Indian economy needs a lift:

Similar to how other countries are supporting their own residents, we must follow the same rule in India too. The Indian economy needs a lift and it can only rise if we unite to use our own products and services.

4. Help our own countrymen:

Our farmers, artisans, and servicemen really work hard and sadly they rarely get any returns. It is because we are mostly inclined towards foreign purchases. Indian products are worth buying as it has the sweat, blood, and soul connected to our makers.

5. Indian goods are the best:

Ask yourself, why is it that almost every country craves to buy raw materials and final products from our land? It is only because it is economically cheaper to them and organic too. I feel sorry to share how we are fooled to buy our own products at double the price with the label of ‘ORGANIC’ whereas the reality is India has always been producing goods in massive quantity at low prices. However, overseas markets were reaping the benefits from it giving our own makers peanuts in return!

Hope you are now convinced of the reasons why we must switch to Indian products.


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