List of 10 Popular Markets for shopping in Aurangabad

  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Apr 20, 2021

List of 10 Popular Markets for shopping in Aurangabad

The golden city of Aurangabad has many reasons to plan repeated visits. One cannot get enough of roaming, exploring, and shopping in Aurangabad. If you are planning to pay a visit here and this is your first time, we assure you have taken the right decision. From shawls to Paithani sarees, there is enough to explore and shop. Other than that, don’t miss wearing new clothes and spending a day at the world-renowned Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

In this article, we have covered some of the most preferred shopping hubs and centers that tourists can check. Let’s discuss these in detail.

List of 10 Popular Markets for shopping in Aurangabad:


(1)    Gul Mandi:

Gul Mandi is a popular street shopping space for shopaholics. You won’t regret the experience of street shopping here. Explore the various fleas and stalls here to shop some of the local stuff of Aurangabad.


(2)    Prozone Golden Mall:

Mall lovers cannot resist a day spent at Prozone Golden Mall. Various brands keep releasing various offers and discounts on their products. They also have a spacious cinema hall to sit back and relax for a movie after shopping.


(3)    Hypercity Mall:

Hypercity Mall is another highly acclaimed mall in Aurangabad. Enjoy shopping from amazing brands and varieties. They also have a spacious food court to grab a bit while shopping or sit and enjoy main meals.


(4)    Paithani Silk Weaving Center:

The famous hand-woven Humroo material of Aurangabad can be bought here. It is one of the specialties of the city. You can also shop for some of the best silk fabrics and garments from here.


(5)    Connaught Shopping Market:

Coonaught Shopping market is ideal for those looking for exclusive Kam Khab weaves in the combination of golden and silver threads. You would love the varieties in shawls and saris. We highly recommend this place for tourists.

(6)    Nirula Bazaar:

Located in the heart of the city, Nirula Bazaar has a lot to share with its travelers. Other than the electronic items, you can shop for basic essentials, clothes, footwear, gift articles, souvenirs, etc… The place is usually crowded throughout the day.

(7)    Himroo Factory:

If you wish to understand the weaving techniques of Ancient India and buy exclusive handmade stuff, visit the Himroo Factory. Some of the amazing stuff you would find are Paithani sarees, bed covers, cloaks, coats, furnishings, handloom shawls, and more…


(8)    Bidri Pottery:

Art lovers love to spend time at Bidri Pottery. Buy exclusive handmade copper, metal, and zinc-made stuff at Bidri. Other than pottery items, you can also choose handicrafts and cutlery.

(9)    Bombay Dyeing:

Don’t miss to see the legendary space of some of the best textile industrialists, Bombay Dyeing. It is the identity of the Wadia Group. You will find original and exclusive garments by the world-renowned Bombay Dyeing brand.


(10)    Mayur Mini Market:

Mayur Mini Market, you will find trusted products. The market exists snce 1988 and is one of the most loved by tourists of Aurangabad. You can buy fresh groceries, essential products, gifts, and other stuff here.

Let us know your experience of shopping in Aurangabad. We wish you a pleasant journey and happy shopping in this magical city.


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