List of 8 Popular Markets for shopping in Pune


  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Mar 25, 2021

List of 8 Popular Markets for shopping in Pune

Shopping in Pune can be fun and you simply cannot miss out on the popular shopping spaces here. If you are a shopaholic and love to explore everything in the city you are in, Pune won’t let you be bored for a moment. We have a list of the best markets where you can satisfy your shopping cravings.

These shops and shopping spaces are an ideal choice for shopping freaks. We would love to hear from you how to felt about these places or which of our recommendations did you see.

List of 8 Popular Markets for shopping in Pune:


1. Fergusson College Road:

For youth and teens, this is the ideal place to roam around for its young crowd. Shop amidst the young crowd and buy amazing varieties of ready-made clothes at jaw-dropping rates. You will find a cheerful young crowd who loves to mingle and chit-chat while shopping.


2. Tulsi Baug:

Tulsi Baug is the right place for jewelry lovers. Thus, it is a place of shopping weakness for women. The majority of the crowd is of women who love to roam around and shop during the evenings. Other than the jewelry, you can also explore some dresses, footwear, and gift articles.


3. BajiRao Road:

It is an ideal market for buying home décor items. If you are planning to shop stuff from the market for your loved ones and friends back home as return gifts, this would be the ideal place in Pune.


4. M.G. Road:

There is no comparison with any shopping place like M.G. Road of Pune. It’s a treasure hunt for shopaholics. You won’t get tired of shopping for some of the best stuff for yourself in readymade apparel, jewelry, footwear, perfumes, etc…


5. Juna Bazaar:

Juna Bazaar as the name suggests is known for antique stuff. Do you have cravings for checking out the antique or window shopping some? Then you mustn’t wait longer to check out the place. Other than the antiques, you can also shop from artifacts and crafts.


6. Clover Centre:

Clover Centre is known for some of the best fashion stuff and brands. You get to choose from branded to local clothes here. The place gets crowded soon so make sure you take some time out to check with ease and comfort.


7. Fashion Street:

Call it a Famous Street or Fashion Street; you get to choose from amazing fashionable and trendy stuff here. The place is seen with a young and middle-aged crowd who love to wander on the streets checking out amazing stuff. Be open to bargain with them as you can buy stuff at dropped rates if you have practiced your negotiation skills well.


8. Koregaon Park:

Koregaon Park is the ideal place for buying spiritual stuff, mainly Osho’s. There is a different type of peaceful vibe about this place. It is no wonder why most tourists prefer to see this as the first place as landing in Pune. Do let us know how you felt about it if you visit there ever.


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