Popular Markets for Shopping in Agra

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  • Sep 11, 2021

Popular Markets for Shopping in Agra

Agra is famous for the monuments and forts, but apart from these historical sites, there are many shopping locations where you can enjoy your time exploring the bazaars and other markets. You can find a large variety of unique crafts and different collectible items which are difficult to find at any other place these days. In Agra, artisans along with jewelers, embroiders, carpet manufacturers, and many other can be seen showcasing their talent. Though, there are many shopping sites in Agra the best ones are mentioned here.

Popular Markets for Shopping in Agra

1. Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar comes at top in the list of Agra for shopping. This massive market is located near Agra Cantonment Railway Station. For tourists, this is an ideal shopping place because the market is close to the Railway Station. So tourists can straight away start or end their trip with shopping.

2. Subhash Bazaar

Subhash Bazaar is the best shopping destination for silk fans. It is located in Halwai Gali which is close to Agra Fort and Jama Masjid. Tourists go for shopping here after visiting the mighty Agra Fort or Jama Masjid as they are close to the market.

3. Kinari Bazaar

Kinari Bazaar is a popular shopping place that is located at Matola which is close to Jama Masjid. Kinari Bazaar is a popular wholesale market in Agra for many things. The market’s history attracts tourists to visit the place. Roaming the narrow and zig-zag roads of Kinari Bazaar for shopping or not is very interesting.

4.Raja Ki Mandi

Agra’s crowded and busiest shopping destination is Raja Ki Mandi. It is located in Loha Mandi region. This market is close to Raja Ki Mandi railway station. In this market, you can buy anything you need because here everything is available from small to big. Overall, it is one of the largest shopping markets in Agra.

5. Shah Market

Shah Market is a heavenly place for tech lovers in Agra. It is located close to Sanjay Place market. Shah Market is the best retail and wholesale market in Agra for mobiles. Here all branded mobiles are available. In whole Agra, Shah Market is the famous area for mobiles.

6. Sanjay Place

Considered the financial hub of Agra, Sanjay Place is popular for shops of small laptop and computer dealers. If any of your electronic items stop working, the best place to go is Shah Market, which is next to Sanjay Place and is the biggest electronic market in the city. In terms of shopping for clothes, moderately higher-end shops can be found here.

7. Shahganj Bazaar

Shahganj Bazaar is another massive local market in Agra. It is located in Shahganj locality. This bazaar has a very good name for providing quality products. Almost everything can be found in this market. In Agra, Shahganj Bazaar is a best known local market.

8. Shoe Market

Agra is famous for leather products in India. The leather items attract everyone; especially shoes which are the most popular among everyone. In order to buy shoe pairs, Shoe Market in Hing Ki Mandi is the best place. It is famous for the variety of shoe products in Agra. Cost of shoes is reasonable and the quality is also very fine.

9. Khandari

This is where the young crowd can be spotted every evening. At one end, it has grocery stores offering all kinds of household and food items. For tourists who are visiting Agra for a longer period, can save their money from purchasing expensive items from hotels. It also has one of the most popular wine shops, where many locals stop by to grab cold bottles of beer. A popular place called Movie Nest can also be found here, which sells many first copies of watches and electronic items. It is also the place where you can buy and rent video games and movies.

10. Rawatpara Spice Market

Whenever tourists visit India what fascinates them is the level of spicy food the locals eat. One of the oldest places in Agra, Rawatpara is situated close to Yamuna river and Agra Fort. It is usually a part of the Agra’s guide plan for the tourists, walking them where they can witness heaps of red chilies and various Indian spices. The market is recognized as a wholesale market for spices, grains, and pulses.

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