List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Prayagraj

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  • Sep 11, 2021

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Prayagraj

Allahabad is one of the exotic places to visit in Uttar Pradesh, which has stolen the hearts of all. Haven’t you heard about the world famous ‘Triveni sangam’ and ‘Kumbhmela’ organised there time to time? When it comes to shopping, you can find some of the antique artistic pieces, jewellery, delicious dishes and everything else. The most amazing part is that it doesn’t disappoint bookworms too. Books of ethics, rituals and philosophy must be on your shopping list to enjoy this tour completely.

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Prayagraj-


1. Chowk

It is situated in neighbourhood of Prayagraj. It is also one of the largest and oldest business markets of India. The Chowk’s Ghantaghar, Prayagraj’s historic clock is also there. In terms of shopping; ethnic wears, handicrafts and home decor items are present. You can taste real northern food here. The famous chaat, sweets like kulfi faluda, dahi jalebi, and bhang kulfi can bring waters in anyone’s mouth. ‘Loknath Gali’ is the food court of Chowk.

2. MG Marg

If it’s a talk on shopping in Prayagraj, MG marg can be called its topic. It covers the famous malls of Prayagraj, street shopping, all time favourite street food and what not. Not only this place offers amusing food to your soul but to your tongue too. Tastiest gathiyas, namkeens, rasgullas, gulab jamun and other delicacies are available here.

3. Vivekananda Marg

I am not exaggerating if I call this place ‘sarojini market’ of Prayagraj. Here, you get a good collection at best prices. It is a budget friendly place to visit. It is a place for everyone, who is looking out for good shopping experience at a reasonable price. You can find almost anything to shop in Vivekananda Marg street.

4. Civil Lines

Civil Lines is known as Prayagraj’s central business district and is very urbanized and modern. It is populated by well-planned roads and high-rise buildings. The fact that it is a business center makes it a very posh and affluent locality with a lot of white collar visitors and residents. Naturally, the stores here are quite often those of multinational manufacturers and international brands. However, Civil Lines also has a lot of local ethnic stores selling garments, handicrafts, and accessories as well as religious imagery and icons. This contrast makes the locality a must-visit and a unique place, while you are in Prayagraj.


5. Katra

Katra is a market town situated in Prayagraj and is located in the Prayagraj- 02 region. It is a major stop for shopping lovers visiting the city. It started off as a localized ethnic bazaar, but over time it has developed and grown into a dynamic and vibrant market selling all sorts of items and goods from locally made handicrafts to hosting the showrooms of international brands. It is no doubt that this is a place often termed a “heaven” for shopaholics. The layout of the market is such that it has three lanes – Old Katra, the Katra extension, and New Katra. Other than bargain hunting and shopping, Katra also has an upscale residential area situated in New Katra.

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