Popular Markets for Shopping in Ludhiana

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  • Sep 11, 2021

Popular Markets for Shopping in Ludhiana

Punjab state has a rich culture of handicrafts and handlooms. The state is famous for its beautiful handiworks like jewelry, phulkari, and lacquered wood work. These are things you should surely look for while shopping in Ludhiana. You can also look for carpets, woolen garments, hand woven clothes, patiala salwar, and the famous punjabi jutis.
Shopping in Ludhiana can be such an enjoyable experience. There is no thing which you cannot find here. You name it and just have it. All you need is an eagle’s eye to find your stuff. Ludhiana is a paradise for shoppers with its unique mix of Indian, Punjabi, and Western traditions that cater to everyone’s needs.

Popular Markets for Shopping in Ludhiana-

1. Akalgarh Market

The Akal Garh Market is the textile hub of Ludhiana known for superior quality clothes and wholesale rates. The Akal Market appeared into presence after 1984, in an endeavour to rehabilitate all the Sikhs who had suffered throughout life in the 1984 riots.

2. Chaura Bazar

Chaura Bazar is the focus of attraction for everyone. Chaura Bazar is the commercial capital of Ludhiana with everyday businesses running in crores. There is a common impact that what is ready for INR 100 at the Mall is traded for INR 50 in Chaura Bazar.

3. Mochpura Bazar

Ludhiana is originally known for its woollen goods. When you imagine woollens, you consider Ludhiana. What Ludhiana is to the woollen business, Mochpura Bazar is to Ludhiana. Mochpura is the wool capital of Ludhiana and also the whole region.

4. Gur Mandi

Gur Mandi is the centre of wholesale business in the city for years. The area has all sorts of traders and wholesalers who sell essentially anything you need to buy. There are too many fascinating general stores which are favourite among womenfolk.

5. Ghumar Mandi

Ghumar Mandi is located at the outer edge of the city, once known for the pottery items. Even at present, there are some potters who earn their bread by selling pots. Ghumar Mandi has now become a shopping hub in the center of the city.

6. Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar offers a wide variety of things ranging from sweet drops for the children to blankets for the aged. Besides some cardboard factories, Meena Bazaar has various general merchants and confectionery shops.

7. Dal Bazar

Dal Bazar is the traditional storehouse of woolen articles and hosiery from where they are exported not only in India but many parts of the UK, the USA, Europe, and other western countries. Ludhiana is called the Manchester of India for the export and garment production on a large scale, happening here. Retailers from all over India come to this place for the wholesale rates and huge variety offered in garments.

8. Car Bazaar

The car bazaars in Ludhiana are very famous for the sale and purchase of used second hand cars. People from far flung places like Shimla, Srinagar, and Chandigarh come to Ludhiana to purchase or sell a used car. Most of the used car outlets are in Feroze Gandhi Market and Gian Singh Rarewala Market.

9. Bajwa Nagar

Bajwa Nagar is a shopping market which is renowned for woolen, hosiery, and textile garments. Shawls, woolen kurtas, women cardigans, and bedsheets are also sold in this market, which are huge attractions for retailers and tourists from outside Ludhiana. Bajwa Nagar is also home to shops of daily needs for the people staying in nearby areas along with the specialized shops for retail and wholesale selling of woolen and hosiery garments. The shops in the Bajwa Nagar area showcase the mix of rural and urban culture prevalent in the city. The market is located at 9 km from the Ludhiana city center. The blankets and shawls are also famous selling articles of this market.

10. Kalyan Nagar

The hustling market of Kalyan Nagar is known for wanderers and shoppers. The hosiery and woolen apparels are famous amongst all from Kalyan Nagar area. Tourists and locals flock this market to shop from a varied range. There are also many small outlets selling female accessories to flaunt the latest fashion trends. A day spent in this market is always a memory well cherished. The tourists flock this market to get a feel of the traditional and exquisite handicrafts and arts of India, especially Punjab. Kalyan Nagar is also an important shopping spot for the wholesome experience it offers.

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