Delicious Dishes From North-East India


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  • May 26, 2020

Delicious Dishes From North-East India

India’s North-East is region possesses a great culture and variety of various people. Flavors and vibrant dishes are as unique as the people living in the north-east part of India. North-eastern India offers varieties of dishes where you can utilize easy and also flavourful fresh ingredients like Bamboo Shoot. Because of a lot of dishes that contain meat, it interests note how these are extremely light and also so pleasurable. North-eastern dishes prepared with Mustard oil to increase the flavor. If you want to explore most of the tastier food of the northeastern then here you get a lot of information about tasty dishes-

Khar from Assam- 

Khar is the traditional meal of Assam and the food of Assam is never complete without the presence of Khar. Khar is a different dish that completely offbeat dish prepared with the combination of red rice, beaten pulses as well as raw papaya in addition to traditional Assamese spices.


Pitha from Assam- 

Pitha is a snack that is used during breakfast in the north eastern region of India mainly on Assam. Pitha is served for morning meal while salty ones are covered in light butter at tea time. Pitha is prepared with curving rice mixed with light spices and also salt/sugar is converted into thin tubes as well as packed inside a hollow stem of bamboo. The Pitha is then fried or you can say roasted inside the hollow bamboo stem and also this gives the pitha a unique taste.



You all hear about the khichdi, Galho is also just like Khichdi. Galho is a dish made from rice and also lentils and it is also famous in most parts of India. The only difference is that meat is often, mainly prepared as galho, while khichdi is a vegetarian meal. Smoked pork, or beef, is the meat of selection and also the flavor of the dish is a mixture of ingredients that is fermented soybean, a key active ingredient in many Northeast Indian meals.


Thukpa – Taste of Arunachal Pradesh

Thukpa is known as Taste of Arunanchal Pradesh that comes from Tibet but the recipe has actually taken a trip much and also beyond and most of the favorite among the Andhra Pradesh. It is prepared with level noodles if it is completely preparing with meat or regionally available hill veggies. Thupka is a dish that makes use of hand-pulled or attack sized noodles as opposed to flat noodles.


Kelli Chana- Spicy peas from Manipur- 

Kelli chana is spicy food and the most traditional food that you can see on the roads of Manipur. Keli Chana gets the name from the old lady named Kelli who used to sell spicy chickpeas under a tree. It is prepared with different ingredients herbs as well as flavors with chickpeas. In the northeastern region, lotus leaf used for serving Kelli Chana which contributes a beautiful local and fresh touch to this mouth-watering dish.


Tenga Fish- 

Tenga is generally a fish meal that is both sour and delightfully in taste. Tenga fish preparation is made by capturing fish sourced from the rivers of Assam. The fish is then prepared with sunlight that dried out tomatoes, lemon skin and green chilies that consist of a zing to this light and also prepare an advance dish. Most generally the fish is fried in mustard oil and served curried with spinach.


Jadoh from Meghalaya- 

Jadoh is a famous and traditional dish of Meghalayan people which is preferred in the North-Eastern part of India. Jadoh is generally prepared with Amrmbrosial rice that is a specialization of Meghalaya. It is prepared with grinding of rice; light red tinted as well as endowed with a distinctive fragrance that is low in gluten. Jadoh prepared with less oil which makes it reduced in calories and healthier rather than the other kinds of Pulav traditionally eaten in India.



Ooti is basically a dish originated from the Manipuri dish consist of yellow hawaitharak (pea), garlic leaf and ginger garnished with pakhon. Hanggam chamthong is a stew type made by boiling mustard greens and fermented fish.

Ooti is prepared with a mixture of fish, fermented dal, mustard seeds, garlic leaf and a hell lot of red chilly powder. It is served with a brinjal dish, with green chilies garnished with coriander.


Fish Tenga (Assam)- 

Fish Tenga is like a light and tangy fish curry that is prepared with Ou Tenga. Taste of Fish Tenga is sour that fruit brings out the sour taste in this special dish. For enhancing the flavor you can add a hint of fresh spices.


Rice cake- 

Rice is mostly consumed by every household in the Northeast part of India. Rice cake can serve as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, cooked in different ways. Rice cake is a tea time snack. It is a triangle-shaped structure made of rice powder and dry fruits, wrapped in banana leaf and baked.


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