Lip-Smacking Famous Sweet Delicacies of Bengal

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  • Jul 6, 2020

Lip-Smacking Famous Sweet Delicacies of Bengal

Not only among Indians but also among Bengalis, sweets play a vital role in celebrating all the festivals, rituals of life cycles and religion. Like every state in India, West Bengal also has its sweet delicacies. The passion for sweets is incredible among the Bengalis. After a heavy lunch getting intense pleasure, in the moments when families get together, and greet guests, all these moments of Bengalis remain incomplete without sweets. Even, as a stranger, while hopping the city of joy, you will find sweet shops on every corner of the streets.

8 Famous Sweets Of Bengal

Here are some most delightful famous sweets of Bengal, which make even the foreigners emotional, when they remember about Kolkata trip:

1. Rosogolla / Rasgulla

This sweet holds a specific place in the history of Bengali sweets. In the 19th century, Sri Nabin Chandra Das established the royalty of Bengali sweets first time creating ‘Rosogolla or Rasgulla’ in a small shop in ‘Bagbazar’ in Kolkata. Today, in Kolkata you will get ‘rosogolla’ in every shop in the city. But, to get the original flavour, so many sweet lovers opt to go to Bagbazar. Cottage cheese and sugar syrup both are the major ingredients of this famous Bengali sweet. ‘Rosogolla’ is available in Kolkata in different mouthwatering textures such as green coloured in raw mango flavour, pink coloured in rose flavour, brownish coloured in chocolate flavour, yellow coloured in saffron flavour and so on. Besides, ‘Nolen Gur’ flavoured ‘Rosogolla’ is one of the most preferred sweet items in Kolkata. But this version of ‘Rosogolla’ is only available in winter. is  But, white-coloured authentic ‘Rosogolla’ is the most popular in the traditional rituals and is the most famous sweets of Bengal among all.

Rosogolla Sweet of Bengal

2. Jolbhara Sondesh/Talshans

This is another majestic Bengali sweet delicacy. It originated from Chandannagar in West Bengal. On the holy occasion of ‘Janmastomee’ (Lord Krishna’s birth festival), this delightful sweet was created and was named ‘Surjo Modok’. It looks like a kernel of the palm (Tal) fruit. The real magnificence of this sweet lies in its ‘Nolen Gur’, stuffed aesthetically inside it. While you eat this sweet becoming unmindful, the liquid ‘Nolen gur’ suddenly spills out from it.

3. Joynagarer Moya

It is a very famous regional sweet delicacy in West Bengal. The soulful smell of this white sweet ball turns your mind to be a passionate sweet lover. It originated from Joynagar, a small district of 24th Pargana in West Bengal. Kanakchur Khoi and date palm jaggery are two major ingredients of this authentic sweet ball. With its exquisite aroma, it chills your mind for a moment.

 Bengali jolbhara sondesh serving in white plate

4. Sitabhog

Due to its soulful flavour, this sweet is considered a popular item in any grand treat like a wedding, rice ceremony, and more. It originated from the Burdwan district of West Bengal. It looks like the shape of white vermicelli and is presented along with dark-coloured tiny shapes of gulab jamun. Three major ingredients such as rice flour, sugar and cottage cheese make this sweet item delightful from every aspect.

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5. Rabri

It is one of the majestic and traditional Bengali sweet delicacies. The profound taste of thickened milk makes this item very popular among foodies. For the preparation of this sweet, the full cream milk needs to be thickened in low heat for a long time. And the accumulated layer of cream is kept aside in the deep pan. While the quantity of whole milk becomes almost one-fourth of the full quantity, the layers of accumulated cream are left on the milk gravy. So, Rabri is such an item, in which you will get the authentic flavour of creamy thickened milk.

Famous Sweets of Bengal

6. Kheer Er Malpua

This item is one of the most popular Bengali sweet delicacies. It looks like a fried pancake but gravy of sweetened Kheer is used to make this item. White flour, Suji and sweetened are mixed together to make the batter of this sweet. After deep frying, it is left in the sugar syrup for a while to get a sweetened and soft texture. It is one of the popular sweet delicacies of Bengal and is dedicated to God in many festivals.

7. Narkel Naru

The delicious version of coconut ladoos is known as ‘Narkel Naru’ in West Bengal. Grated coconut is the major ingredient of this sweet ball. It is available in two versions. One is dark brown textured and prepared with jaggery. Another one is white textured and prepared with sugar powder. It is a very famous sweet item, dedicated to God in every Bengali festival. The celebration of major festivals in Bengal like Durga Puja, and Laxmi Puja remains incomplete without this sweet item.

Famous Sweets of Bengal

8. Patisapta

It is one of the most traditional sweet items, mainly prepared in the winter season. It is available in two formats in  West Bengal. One is prepared with rice flour, lentil flour, and anise. The mixed batter is fried and stuffed with sweetened grated coconut, then rolled properly. In its other format, it is stuffed with kheer (sweetened milk preparation).

So, the authentic flavour and appeal of Bengali sweets will remind you to come again, while you will be in the ‘City of joy’ next time.

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